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Nicole's Tips & Picks 

Hello everyone!

On this page I will be sharing various tips and picks and ideas, shared from my various social media platforms. 

I will try to add and update as much as possible, however, please don't forget to keep an eye on my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages.

Have a fabulous day and please contact Nicole Comer Design for a consultation.

Regarding the above "nook" video above. On this particular day, I was using what I had with me in addition to some new purchases, to show a mix of colors and styles.  

My initial plan was a bit of an Andy Warhol montage. Some things worked and some did not. 

I also wanted to show examples of adding, subtracting and a minimalist

aesthetic as well. 


Because ultimately it's your choice, the client's choice.


This particular client chose to keep a lot of these items.


You cannot see the entire wall, however, if I had MY choice, I would have used perhaps one large mirror or one large piece of art on that wall, because the ceilings are very high and showcase that height, don't be afraid to go big!

And if you really need help, contact Nicole Comer Design. 

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